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4 февраль 2018
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OPIH-years of experience, modern technology.


OPIH-years of experience, modern technology.


The road to the school begins with OPIH

 OPIH- source of manpower for schools south
           Kyrgyzstan. In 1925, for the first time in southern Kyrgyzstan, a special pedagogical school was opened.
           In 1994 it was renamed in Osh Teacher Training College by the decision of board of the Ministry of Education, opened the new specialty,
              In 1996, according to the Decree № 470 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Osh Teachers College was transformed into a top college Osh. In 2002, the Resolution Protocol № 316 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic Osh Higher College was transformed into OPIH.
         Since the founding of the Institute began to develop, flourish, and produces about 30 thousand of the best pedagogical affairs masters for secondary schools.
         Today, highly skilled graduates of our university successfully work in the schools of our country, especially in Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad regions. Because they have been educated by the best masters-teachers. Notable alumni of the university are J. Bokonbaev, T.Umetaliev and others.
          Currently the head of our university is Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor B.B.Zuluev. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Candidate of Biological Sciences, professor Raimbekov K, T., Vice-Rector for Research and External Relations, Candidate of Geographical Sciences Obdunov E.A.

            Purpose OPIH
OGPI main mission is to train highly qualified teachers for rural schools of Kyrgyzstan. The main duty of our university - solution of personnel problems of long-distance, high-altitude areas.

              What kind of specialists are ready to school?
              Our university purposefully prepares professionals - teachers primary schools, classes, teachers of preschool education, teachers of physical education, music, the Kyrgyz language and literature, Russian language and literature, English language, Chinese language, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, ecology, geography, history, social workers, education management.
            The structure OPIH currently includes 6 faculties: natural, mathematical, humanitarian, education and tourism management, musically pedagogical, Kyrgyz-Russian, sports department and College.

Who carries out training of students?
The faculty of the University of 4 doctors, professors. 38 candidates of sciences, 65 Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. 5 standouts KR cultures, 4 masters of sport, 67 senior teachers, 125 teachers, who teach students.

What conditions are created for the training?
Currently OPIH  has 4 academic buildings, 650 local student residence, 4 sports courts, electronic library, a gym, 2 tennis courts, 3 training rooms connected to internet, multimedia room, 2 virtual labs, student canteen, which meets modern requirements , In addition, there are: The center of «national spirit», the center of the state language, Aitmatov recognition center, ecology center, interactive teaching methods center, leadership training center, media center, the center  American Studies,  sports club "Erk" working student creative and scientific circles, debate - club, Science club.

                              Artistic creation.
           To support the freedom of speech and outlook of students are: the newspaper "Studkg" studio "Muras". Pop band "Myrzalar" vocal group "Ayymdar" brass band "Kyrkkyz" dance group "Ak-Bijka." Continuously working 12 sports clubs. Football, volleyball team, the national game "Toguz korgool" are the champions of the region. In OPIH all the necessary conditions to support and develop students' initiative.

                      International connections
           OPIH  has close ties with foreign institutions, superintendence,  research centers, foundations (Foundation Kyrgyzstan "Soros" Fund "Eurasia". DAAD, UNESCO, USAID, as well as the embassies of  Russia, Egypt, China, Iran and Korea.) Students OPIH continue training in universities in China, Germany, England, Russia , Egypt and Turkey.

                   OGPI committed to international standards
        This year marks 90 years OPIH. Over the years the university provides opportunities for higher professional education, professional development, while in the educational process are widely used interactive and other new methods of teaching. The Institute is committed to international education standards.

              Musical-pedagogical faculty
Musically - Faculty of Education 25fevralya 1997. Faculty operates the start of the training of future teachers in the specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education". Since 1997, the Department issued more than two thousand highly skilled specialists-teachers.
          In 2006, due to the disbanding of the music department of the faculty was renamed from the teacher to the "Musical - Pedagogical" and at the future teachers of initial classes began to prepare the specialty "Music education".
              Today, students are trained in specialties and areas such as 540605 "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education", 540701 Musical Education, 550700, "elementary education" 550600 "Art education".
            Department provides teaching staff of educational institutions in Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions of Kyrgyzstan.
Currently teaching faculty activities are performed 6 PhD, 15 senior teachers, 14 teachers with master's degree. In addition, the learning process service technicians.
           The Faculty trains specialties:
• Methods of primary school teaching
• Musical education
• Preschool education

                Natural Geography Faculty
In September, 2009. on the basis of the Rector №7.03.68 order. Faculty was created "The geography and natural science." The faculty includes the department "Ecology and Chemistry" and "Natural". Currently, the faculty trains specialists on full-time and distance learning in the following specialties: "Biology" -550100, «Geography» 550100," Chemistry ".
               PPP faculty comprise 28 teachers. Of these, 6 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 8 senior teachers, 10 teachers, 3 technicians and 1 inspector. The faculty has 10 lectures, practical and laboratory classrooms.
Of these, office №312 "Live Area", №306 cabinet "Virtual Lab", №308 cabinet - Laboratory "General Chemistry", №205 cabinet "Human Anatomy", №310 cabinet "Physical Geography" meets all the requirements.

                 Faculty of Humanities
        In 1997, 28 August to the Rector's order № 114 \ 2 of 9 September 2000. Faculty of  Management, and in the 2003-2004 academic year on the orders of the rector № 7. 02. \ 1 Kyrgyz-Russian faculty separated from the Faculty of Humanities.
            Today, the Faculty of Humanities employs about 41 teachers. Of these, 10 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 11 senior lecturers and 5 honors education.
         To date, the faculty is prepared specialties: English, history, social work.
2013-2014 school year, classroom fund of 25 classrooms, which are used in the educational process, as well as two language laboratories, American Studies Center, the center of "Independent Kyrgyzstan", lecture halls, modern audience stories rooms.

                 XXI Century - the century computer technology.
                Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Technology

          In 1999 Osh Higher College received the license for the specialty "Biology", which became a member of the Faculty of "Pedagogy". Faculty "- Natural Science Education" was established on the basis of 27.4 minutes of the Academic Council of the Osh Higher College.
          In 2004, specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" separated from "Mathematics and the natural sciences." Faculty trains specialists in biology, mathematics, computer science and chemistry.
           In 2009, from the Faculty "Mathematics and the new technology" Division of Special Chemistry, Biology. The faculty employs teaching - professorial structure of 21 full-time teachers.
              The faculty is working chairs "Higher mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics", informatics and new information technology. The department conducts various seminars, conferences and meetings. The necessary conditions for students: lecture hall, laboratory rooms, computer rooms, virtual laboratory, etc. Computer classes using interactive and other new technologies which are connected by high-speed ADCLinternet.

                  Faculty of Education and Tourism Management.
           In September, 2000. "Management" faculty was established by order of the rector № 121. The faculty of the Management education and Tourism includes 2 departments: "Economics and Management Education", "Economy and Tourism".
         According to the curriculum, students have practice in the specialty 'in the Kyrgyz enterprises, institutions, forestry enterprises, in the national park, and even abroad. For training all teachers are increasing training programs in Osh EDNET Academy, an international organization and the corporation Pragma. The faculty has offices: Centre for Ecology, history, tourism, education management. The faculty trains the following specialists:
• "Education Management"
• "Ecology and natural history."

                 Kyrgyz-Russian School.
         Kyrgyz-Russian faculty was opened by the decision of the Academic Council OPIH on June 13, 2003 (№5 protocol Punch 5.5), on the inter-university cooperation agreements between the St. Petersburg State University. Russian State Pedagogical University. Herten and Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute. A. Myrsabekov. Order number 07.02 11/2
"The development of the Kyrgyz-Russian Faculty OGPI".
        Faculty today provides training:
• Kyrgyz language and literature
• Russian language and literature
• Chinese
          During its activity the Faculty established contacts with leading educational institutions of the Russian Federation, which are made up of a contract in the field of education and culture.
            Today, the faculty held scientific and practical conferences, seminars, meetings in different directions. As well as students of the faculty have the opportunity to continue their studies in the Russian Federation and China. Work Development Centre with interactive methods center  «national spirit», the center of Russian studies, media center, language laboratories.

                          Faculty of Physical Education.
             In 1993, the average realized training specialty "Teacher of physical culture". In 1995  produced the first graduates of Physical Culture. This Faculty is working closely with the Osh State University, Bishkek KGAGKiS, OshTU, Osh State Social University, Tashkent Uz.GIFK, Jalalabat State University, Batken State University.
            Faculty  updated the material and technical base. For students there is a gym, 2 tennis courts, 3 volleyball field, 2 basketball field and a football field. Work on national kinds of sports, volleyball, basketball, athletics, boxing, kick-boxing, fight.
              The Institute creates an opportunity for applicants to enter the sport masters at the Faculty of Physical Education out of the competition.

In January, 1925. to address Kyrgyz  VKGTa Committee for the first time from the wing into the Osh Pedagogical Course. In September 1925, Pedagogical College was created. In 1928. Ally Osh Pedagogical College with Jalal-Abad College.
         In 1966  15 June on the basis of the Council of Ministers of the Kyrgyz SSR order was established teacher training college. In April of 2001  by the decision of the Academic Council and the OPIH Rector's order № 81 was renamed in Teachers College. Due to the fact that open other pedagogical specialties, based on the order of the rector № 07.02.110. 2004. August 30 was renamed in Osh Higher College. The college conducted following sectional work: Languages ​​section, pedagogy and methods of natural science, humanitarian, economics and management in college studying the following specialties: jurisprudence, a primary school teacher, management, music education, finance and credit, organizer, physical education, social work , drawing and amateur.


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