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23 июнь 2017


Mission D.I.R and I OHPI

Assistance in the prepration of the highly qualified pedagogical staff on the basis of modern world achievements in scince, technology, economics, culture and education , as well as maintaining the knowlwdge, skills and skills of spesialists at a competitive level.

Tagline of D. I.R and I of OHPI

We know that, to a mutual success for the effectiveness of cooperation with the main indication for you.

Values of D.I.R and I OHPI

  • Openness  to change               
  • To see in change the opportunity for development and success
  • Multinationality and international cooperation
  • The contribution of scientists, teachers, technical staff, students to development of the world community





Director of  the Departament of International Relations and Invesments

SUBANOV Tursun Tajibaevich

Candidate of Economic Sciеnces

Institutions: Osh Technological University

Education: higher

Mob: +996 (776) 160 767 +996 (558) 160 767
General experience-31, including teaching experience-24 y.

The last five-skilled knowledge – 2012y.X.P.U.(Urumchi c)



The activity of directions:

  • foreign partner universities, international organizations, academic, educational, and scientific research Place on contracts, agreements (software), etc. Office work training.
  • Foreign boatyard university students and postgraduate students on international agreements, programs and projects through the development and execution of Controlling department for coordinate activities in OHPI.
  • Place the organization of the international scientific-technical relations management.
  • Each different aspects of scientific and pedagogical staff, and place of graduate student, doctoral training
  • Each  different aspects (including linguistic training) Place the scientific and pedagogical staff, graduate students for  international educational programs
  • Cooperation with foreign educational institutions on the basis of the agreement on the organization of training at the Master's and Doctoral programs.
  • International scientific foundations for grants, programs, and database
  • International scientific and educational programs, preparation of reports and information.
  • Putting together a database of foreign organizations and organization of the developed international     scientific, technical, communication.


Leadof Specialist of the Department of International Relations and Investments
NARMATOVA Nurgul Talantbecovna

Institutions: Osh State University

Education: higer

E-mail:  nurgul_narmatova@mail.ru  
Mob.: +996 (777) 638656 +996 (551) 707991

The activity of directions:

Education adopted a contractual basis on the state and foreign citizens to receive and placement..

  • students from a foreign country, including national passports annotated term on the register and authenticated.
  • embassies of foreign countries, and abroad, the Ministry of Education and Science, upon request from citizens  Place for the former graduate students correspondence with the audience.
  • foreign students and introduce them to the culture and traditions of Place ventures.
  • Youth (students and young scientists), an international scientific and technical cooperation through the organization of joint scientific conferences, round tables, competitions rotation.
  • International agreements and implementation of programs, projects and contracts at the right time and qualited.
  • Place the time of international scientific programs, grants, and that will give you information on the activities of the scientific and technical verification of the organization
  • Each various international programs, grants Notify change  information and materials at the right time to organized.
  • .Place graduate students and staff to develop  in advanced educational institutions, firms, companies, department chairs and structural  chief proposals for collection and analysis.
  • Place the site of action designed to deliver implementation of the Program of the International introducing information on the reports.
  • The attraction for students to study and scientific conferences, symposia, foreign delegations Leadership commitment by the State Migration Service under the Office  helpingventures.
  • Place professionals, graduate students and students of foreign documents required for extended trips exit to help.
  • Foreigners extended their ideas from students, teachers, researchers and trainees in schools, according to the draft orders of attitudes


Brief of information about the department.

The international market of educational services that  with the school to conduct foreign policy Place and enhancing the image of the organization and information support, as well as the structural part of  activities, academic exchanges on the implementation of projects and programs For purposes, scientific and technical cooperation, Place by the decision of the Academic Council for the purpose of identifying the rector of the university №07-01.06. September 15, 2016, on the basis of an order from the Department of International Relations and Investment Place desired.Place complies with the Department of International Relations and Investment  problems and possible solutions in the following areas.


The functions of department


ü  Place of international relations and development activities on the concept of  to develop, organize and deliver;ü   Institution Global education community to join ventures;ü  Education services that access to the market for external institution activities to evaluate of  resultsü  Foreign educational institutions, research organizations, and educational and scientific environments, international cooperation agreements, protocols and agreements;ü  International educational programs of educational institutions, students, and give you sage graduate  student, doctoral students, staff and support;ü   To accept foreign delegation and to talk effort of putting together a demonstration ü  Areas of OHPI  to users of the trends in international conferences, forums, seminars and other scientific activities;ü  Foreign educational and international cooperation with scientific institutions around the correspondence;ü  International activities on the part of  statement to organize and monitor the quality  .



Humanitarian  pedagogical  Institute has a 100 year history of International Relations on the broad experience. Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, faculty members in the last five years by more than 500 scientific articles, 160 methodical and 40 monographs wall. FACULTY local knowledge Pragma Corporation, «Carti» International Education Association educational program, and the institution of the Association «EducatiohNetwork» educational institutions to participate in courses and training skilled elsewhere perspectives. Primarily to facilitate international cooperation, according to the method of teaching lessons courses may be necessary helpes.
Market conditions, bringing the attraction to international cooperation deserves special  l. In July 1999, the university presidents of the International Association of Universities (IAUP) XII Conference is the only full-m member.

Independent higher educational establishments in the listof  day period after the various international relations can participate in their local  has the ability. Including in OHPI the Kyrgyz Republic in the second half of the 1990s, the main tasks of the instutions, local politics, curing purposes priority areas identified. Until that time, the school's foreign policy ties with international organizations concerned with costs.

Since 2000, started the friendly relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan formed on July 23, 2003, the rector № 07-02.110. §2 attraction based on an order from the Russian-organized faculty. In that period, and the St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University Place, friendship, cooperation and a mutual assistance agreement talks about the fundamentals of inter-state relations,  desired.

In 1996, the city of Shanghai (China), China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and since 2001uzbekstan linking the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in conjunction with the  watercourse, the attraction of international cooperation since 2005, teaching methodical, scientific and research-oriented communications contracts express . From that moment on the international arena attraction, as is widely acknowledged, supported Xinjiang Pedagogical University (China) and the St. Petersburg Institute of Psychology and Social Affairs of the State (Russian Federation) and the signing of the agreements. As a result, chines introduce, and russian introduce centers opened in positive activities thereby performing control.

The first attraction for the period 2002-2015. forms following an agreement with the institutions.

St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Affairs (Russian Federation); Michurinsk State Agrarian University Pedagogical Institute (Russian Federation);

 Uzbek Academy of the Republic of Acadian. S. Yunusov name. BASICS \ products \ Chemistry Institute (ASSP);

* Xi'an University (China);

* Xin Jian Pedagogical University (China);

*humanitarian Kastamonu University (PT);

* Fergana State University (ASSP);

* Institute of Botany and fitointroduktsiya (Kazakhstan);

At present, the attraction to the world of International Relations, together with the development of educational standards, school teachers and students, to find a way to send the intership research mission of providing support to the activities of the organization and lower attraction to the survey concluded agreements with many foreign universities. Attraction of International Relations and Investment Department, variables schools through the curriculum, teaching, scientific research and knowledge of the skilled elsewhere, monitoring:

  • Evseev n. Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute (Russian Federation. D. 2016);
  • Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (RF.2017.);
  • Sçadrinsk State Pedagogical University (RF.2016.)
  • Kemerovo State University (Russian Federation. D. 2015).
  • Ural State Pedagogical University (RF.2015.);









In recent years, the attraction of foreign , with the participation of specialists in various scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conferences right- zone. For example, in November 2013, the People's Republic of China (PRC) specific Manas  Jusup Mamay International scientific-practical conference devoted to deliver to desired.



The activities of the conference, Chinese educational institutions, scientific workers, managers, and the Confucius Institute in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan Uzbekstan and scientific institutions representatives participating in the visit .


School administration, the new fairness in international cooperation. April 20-21, 2017. The OHPI of the Eurasian Association of Universities of Education in collaboration with the Education, Science and International Cooperation: integration and foreign experience, organized an international forum on the topic. Organizers Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, Unity Foundation, the City Hall and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Representatives of the International Forum from 7 countries participated . Participants of the forum, education, science and international cooperation in the area of ​​ members discussed topical questions.


Further attraction to international organizations and foundations (Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, UNESCO, USAID, OSCE, etc.) are closely related. Representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as Russia, Turkey and China  measurecited efforts to work permanently.



Place International Cooperation  Existing Treaties and Agreements





The name of the organization


 Type of action


The time frame for the contract


The Russian Federation









Moscow Pedagogical State University (Russian Federation);



Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (Russia);

 M. Evseev horse. Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute (Russian Federation);

 Sçadrinsk State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Ural State Pedagogical University (Russia);

 Kemerovo State University (Russian Federation);

 Kemerovo food lkeeping Institute of Technology (Russian Federation);

 St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Affairs (Russian Federation).

 Michurinsk State Agrarian University Pedagogical Institute (Russian Federation).

 AI Herzen n. Russian State Pedagogical University (Russia).


- education;

- scientific research.

5 жыл

Cninese National Republic



ü Xi'an University (China).

ü  Xin Jian Pedagogical University (China)



- education;

- scientific research.



The Republic of Kazakhstan



ü  Kazakhstan Institute of Botany and fitointroduktsiya (CR)


- education;

- scientific research



Turkish Republic

ü Kastamonu Turkish Humanitarian University (PT).


- education




Uzbekistan Repulic







ü Acadian EA. S. Yunusov name. BASICS \ products Chemistry Institute (ASSP)

ü Fergana national University (ASSP).


- education;

- scientific research


        Kyrgyz Rebulic




ü The American University of Central Asia

ü Turkish Manas University

ü  Confucius Institute


- education;

- scientific research



International cooperation in joint research, contests,  etc. scientific exchange of information under the presence of the joint actions to be legally  possible delivery and mobilize the academic help solve the problem of  . Mobilize the academic Place one of the key areas of international action.Mobilize the academic school students, graduate students and faculty members to work with its partners to develop  scientific research can share their experiences on . Mobilize the academic rests developing the concept of loff- main goal is to improve the quality of education delivery nations, and promote intercultural , to improve the life of the international community planned \ Plus is ready for a new generation upbringing



Place the seven teacher in 2016 Kemmer and  knowledge for less-skilled  elsewhere.  At the end of the course, our teachers have received international certificates.

Attraction of the Eurasian Association of Universities of Education in 2015, became a full-m  member \. May 22, 2015 Lawrence name. Kazakh National Pedagogical University right-  assumption is that no   organized the Congress, the rector of the B.B  Zuluev as a participant. Mobilize the academic activities of the Association Development  survival and development experience, faculty members  elsewhere to function separate. At the present time, the Association of Eurasian Economic 48 pedagogical school.

Place only one entry into the Association of resolving the problem, mobilize the academic l  develop \ foundations and organizations to participate in the projects and programs financed through refresher.

       In summer attraction to international exchanges, partner schools and the survey was

conducted on the basis of contracts designed framework


The employees

Job title

By traveling to institutions

Time, Location


Zuluev B.B..

Rector of OHPI proff.

Moscow Pedagogical State University

30.09.-05.10.2016 ж., c.Moscov

 education staff to participate in the IV Congress

Zuluev B.B..

Rector of OHPI proff.


KIT University

16-25.12. 2016, pp. Buhubanestbar. (The Republic of India)

Education skilled

Parpiev M.

Place in the Department of English Language  , Teacher

KIT University

16-25.12. 2016, pp. Buhubanestbar. (The Republic of India)

Education skilled

Matkerimov N.,


.The Department of Social Affairs and Social Sciences, Place c.s.s. Assoc


Kemerovo State University


07-21.2016 y.,

Kemerovo city. (RF)

Education skilled

Berdubecova K.


Place TM and informatics department, Senior Lecturer.

Rahmanova O.

Place in the Department of English Language  , Teacher


Place TM and informatics department, Senior Lecturer

Abdyvacieva S/

Place of Teaching, Department of Mathematics and Moh.

Tillabaeva J.


Place in Russian language and literature department, Teach.

Moombecov S.


Place in the Department of Biology and Chemistry, Senior Lecturer.



Kemerovo c. (R F)

Education skilled

Madraimova N.

Place in the Department of English Language  ,  Senior Teacher


VP Astafev n. Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University

05-25.12. 2016 y., Krasnoyars (R.F.)


Bayishova G.

 OHPI practice session  PhD, Assoc.


09-14.2016y.,  Minsk c.


The scientific team,






Sagynbaeva G

Place in the Department of Biology and Chemistry, Senior Lecturer.

Tartus Unvesity N.colleg

18.04. – 23.04. 2016y.,Narvac. (Eston R)

Education skilled

Saipidinov A.


Place in the Department of Education, Management and Tourism, Teach.


Ural State Pedagogical University

22.03.-06.04.2016 y., Ecatirinburg c. (РФ)


Organization of practice south of trans-keeping


LiveJournal for the first time in 2015, total Russian and international conferences, as well as the \ in a variety of different subjects participated in an online Olympics. For example, in 2015, the Ural State Pedagogical University, organized by the OHPI Olympic Rosinbank students.

Like a bunch of schools in Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute of South-productive practice the most effective plans to improve desired. Read Port-productive . The purpose of the practice the students access to professional activities, and development of Development \ methods, basically, is to get acquainted with.

Education Management and Ecology, professor of trades G.K. Omuraliev, Professor A.,


Participation in the international project..

Today, not only in the process of training of specialists in multilingual, multicultural and able to communicate with representatives of other cultures, linguistic role in the formation of personality, language, cross-cultural communicative competence is gradually increasing. Of course, such problems by inserting a lot of bilingual education programs is a very important issue,.

Promote the sustainable development of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2013-2017 off- national strategy, the unity of the people of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the entrenchment of the concept of ethnic diversity and multicultural diversity, the concept of bilingual education in the Kyrgyz Republic, 2014 In 2020 the state language development, the concept of  off- and language pol for survival  elsewhere \ for the purpose of implementation of the national program since September 2016, UNICEF an the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, funded by the Foundation for International Long- bilingual Science programs of testing of the attraction.

In order to implement the above-mentioned state programs of physical education as an attraction to the pilot departments, pedagogical and music provided by the Departments of Natural Sciences and Geography. Currently, the pilot faculty of 36 teachers in many of the bilingual education program, and education. This activity was the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic \ n pilot educational institutions in many bilingual education programs about the extension of the SCR and extend erupt  February 15, 2017 Based on an order from №1201 Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute joined as a pilot school.The main objective of the bilingual education program in many languages ​​and cultures through the inter-relationship of different cultural and linguistic diversity-oriented education. In this regard, the future of education in the native language is one of the main sources of foreign languages, bilingual education using the same book.


In June 2016, the delegation of the Estonian town of Narva College of the University of Osh in Tartus. During the three days, they want bilingual education program, based on experience and  untouchable. Estonian Ministry of Education, part of the general education director  Irena Kyaosaar curing the introduction of the Estonian language as a second language students \ endors who use roads. Many who enter the bilingual education program in four high schools (at.Kırgız State University, the University of Osh State University, Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, Moscow State Social University) to implement the above-mentioned program.

As a result, I. Arabaev. Kyrgyz State University and the State University of innovation centers in Osh, Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute and State University in 2017 and methodical literature and social resource centers equipped with the opening planned.

UNICEF expert on issues of education, Ms. Liliana Nikolaesku Onofrey diversity of curing the introduction of bilingual education programs should be  help in emergencies



Dialogue linking Central Asia  zoning information on bilingual education - methodological report from the writings of our teachers. Ms. Liliana Nikolaesku of Onofrey their words,  'I am about Kazakhstan, Astana, Shymkent, Sairam, Utrecht, Alma-Ata, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Osh I Novopavlovsk. He met with the leaders want to start the bilingual education program, 27 managed to get a personal interview.

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries to contest, T \ rmnstan and zbekstan of this program, it is believed the large amount of broadcast experience.

Starting from May 10, 2017, under the Department of International Relations and Investment Place «ICC- International communication club» International Student Club was organized.



 « The main objective of the Club ICC- Internationalcommunicationclub »LiveJournal  interact with  is guiding to improve the knowledge and creativity. «ICC- Internationalcommunicationclub» Club members and the lower zone of the venue of the planned actions and the actions . This action OHPI the importance of enhancing the unity of the students in a school of international level would grow.


«ICC- Internationalcommunicationclub» students in school, actions taken active part in the City Hall. For example, the Education, Science and International Cooperation: integration of domestic and foreign experience on the theme of 'International Forum, Russian, English and German language courses for support in organizing the major roles., international relations, one of the most important components in a growing role in Russian and English language. Therefore, the staff of the Department of International Relations and investment-Place teacher Increasing the level of the linguistic composition of the soliciting organization of courses in Russian and English languages

Place by the Department of International Relations and Investment met since November 2016, in Russia, Russia! ' Science and education is the key to the English and German language courses for students and teachers  organized. Classes are held in a specially equipped effectively. Language courses only not volunteers ,also the highest qualification through the Department's workers too.


November 10, 2016, Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute of the big hall  each of well being in unity!and ' My country` in the frame of an association of students, representatives of the venue, a festival-consertt . He's festival was one of the first students from the Republic of Tajikistan on their creativity and illustrate.


Our approach on the festival in OHPI cultural values ​​and traditions and we think that  most efectivness of international friendship. Department of International Relations and investments in the future of global world home is a system through  the OHPI professor- teacher and students of education considered separately can being reviewed.



T.TSubanov, c.e.s ass.prof, Director of the Department of International Relations and Invesments.


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